How To Join

How to become a member:

To Join by Mail:

Please download the application HERE and mail it along with a $65 check or money order to:

9420N 1000W
ELWOOD Indiana, 46036

Please do not send cash in the mail..

  • If you renew before your membership expires, the fee is $60.00.

    Membership applications can be downloaded from the website and mailed in with a check (NO CASH!) for new memberships or renewals. New memberships and renewals can also be done before our regular monthly meeting (1st Thurs. each month @ 6PM). Renewals are considered to be reapplications done BEFORE your current membership has run out. Renewals, also, are $60 instead of $65. Also, memberships are sold at each Tipton Gun Show and in the Noblesville area by Pres. Joe Kinsinger (317-797-4420) DO NOT CALL on Sundays, holidays or after 5:00 PM for memberships !


    Effective August 1, 2016, until further notice, club membership sales will be suspended at Horton & Sons hardware store (1411 Main Street, Elwood, IN). Memberships can still be purchased before and after each monthly meeting, mailed in or purchased at the club if a club officer or trustee is present. Also, membership sales will continue at all Tipton Gun Shows.